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The Massage Mastermind is small group coaching, about 5 people, designed for therapists who are focused on creating a change in their life or business. They’re ready for more, willing to do the work, and open to transformation.


If you are a:


  • New graduate

  • 9-5er

  • Solopreneur

  • Small business owner

  • Stay at home mom

  • Working on a passion project

  • Been out of the field for a while due to illness, injury or life just took you off your path.


If you need support and accountability to achieve your goals.  This program is for you!


"Tailored Growth Programs for Aspiring Massage Therapists"


Unlock the potential within you and your massage therapy career with our customized development program. Whether you're just starting in the industry or returning after a hiatus, our program equips you with the essential tools for success, boosts your confidence in your craft, and empowers you to establish and sustain a financially prosperous client base. What sets us apart is the invaluable support of a seasoned massage therapist and successful business owner who will guide you every step of the way.


Our coaching program integrates all the crucial elements you need to become the massage therapist you aspire to be. Cultivate a practice where clients come for the experience, return for the results, and stay for the value you add to their lives. Delivering effective results enhances their everyday lives by relieving pain and discomfort or improving their mobility and well-being. Working with you allows clients to feel heard, cared for, and connected—key ingredients for retaining quality, long-term clients. By providing a unique, high-level service and a quality experience, you'll stand out in the competitive market. This consistent excellence can lead to a full appointment book and the ability to command the rates you desire, ultimately propelling you into a thriving private practice and lifestyle beyond mere survival.


Your success story starts here!


Massage Mastery

Professional Development


Growing Your Client Base: Learn techniques for attracting and retaining clients.


Client Relations: Enhance your communication skills and discuss sensitive topics effectively. Cultivate lasting client relationships, creating long-term, loyal clientele. Develop the art of making clients feel heard, building trust, and delivering results beyond their expectations.


Marketing Strategies: Master the art of promoting your services, networking, establishing an online presence tailored to your ideal client, building email lists, creating engaging blogs, and crafting newsletters.


Bookkeeping 101: Learn to set up your business, maintain financial records, manage client data, and acquire basic bookkeeping skills.


Financial Wellness for Massage Therapists: Set yourself up for financial success and stability, affording you the ability to take vacations, access health insurance, and plan for retirement.


Thrive, not just survive!

Tailored One on One Skill Mastery can include:
  • Initial Practicum: We conduct a stroke/skill assessment to evaluate your manual skills and provide mentor feedback. Here, we will identify strengths and weaknesses to chart a skill development plan.


  • Foundations: Review and master basic massage skill sets, ensuring your ability to deliver practical, comprehensive massages. 

  • Anatomy and physiology review.

  • Pathology review.

  • Stretching review.

  • Trigger point review.

  • Medical massage review.

  • Special Populations review—pregnancy, athletes, geriatrics, physical disabilities, depression/anxiety, grief.

  • Sports massage review. 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Programs for Massage Therapists


  • Trigger Point Therapy


  • Anatomy Review


  • Stretch Massage


  • Medical Massage Certification


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