How Massage Can Enhance Your Fitness Performance

Weather you are a professional athlete, a sport and fitness enthusiast, or a weekend warrior including regular therapeutic massage as part of your fitness plan is an intelligent decision.  A complete wellness plan includes not only an exercise and dietary plan, but caring for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with movement is necessary.  Therapeutic Massage is the ideal compliment to a total fitness plan. 

Rekindle Restore Reconnect

If Your body could talk what would it say to your partner?

Let’s talk about touch between partners.  Touch is the first sense that we develop and it’s required for healthy development psychologically, emotionally and socially.   Research has demonstrated that America is a low touch culture (Mead, 1955).  In fact, American infants and children are the least touched on earth (Heller, 1997). That being said, where does that leave us when we are in the world seeking connection?  

WTF is Muscle Hygiene?

What is muscle hygiene you may be wondering? 


You are probably familiar with the concept of dental hygiene.  Same idea just with your muscles and soft tissue. 


Many people put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies in their day to day living and often do not take the time for repair and recovery.  If you are an athlete, have a job that requires repetitive movements, put high output demands on your body daily, even people who sit at a computer all day, this constant use and abuse to your muscles and soft tissue requires maintenance, repair and recovery to keep up with life. 

Postpartum Massage

As Mother’s Day is nearing, I am thinking about my own mother and motherhood as a whole.  I am a dog-mom and have never had a human child, the closest experience I can to relate to having children, was caring for my parents in their end of life process.  It is amazing how we really changed roles, Children really do become the parent and parents become the children.  Most things I did on a daily basis were with their welfare in mind.  This went on for more than a year, nothing I had done before could have prepared me for what I experienced.  In hindsight, there were many things I could have put in place to support the process.



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