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For 55 and Better

Massage Therapy for Healthy Aging

Vitality at Any Age

Therapeutic massage can help you feel great at any age. A natural part of the aging process is decreased muscle strength and bone mass, reduced energy levels, slower reaction time, less tissue elasticity, thin, dry skin, and a decrease in the senses and immune system. Did you know that chronic stress and inactivity accelerate the aging process?


The challenge of vital longevity is to continue to lead a healthy, active, quality life, while doing what we can to limit the harmful effects of the aging process.  


How a Therapeutic Massage Can Benefit You:

Enhances your general health – Massage, as a part of a wellness plan to keep the mind and body functioning well, will:

  • Stimulates well-nourished, healthy skin

  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph

  • Facilitates immune system function

  • Improves overall energy


Decrease the effects of stress – Stress has many adverse effects on the body. It is a critical factor in the top diseases in the US (heart disease, stroke, and cancer). Limiting stress is effective with therapeutic massage. Massage can:

  • Decrease muscle tension due to discomfort or pain

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Enhance the feeling of wellness


Improve mobility and independence – Massage can keep muscles and tissue flexible, this will help keep you more mobile and able to do many activities of daily living such as; walking, stairs, getting up from a chair, out of bed, driving, getting out of the tub. Massage will:

  • Maintain and improve flexibility and elasticity of muscles

  • Maintain and improve active range of motion.


Supports your fitness program – Regular exercise is essential to  life-long vitality. Massage keeps you moving.


Provides social interaction with a caring touch –  We can come to your home and provide therapeutic massage, especially if someone is homebound.


Provides relief from minor conditions in older adults - Arthritis, general aches and pains, or constipation.


Contact us at the Bodyworks Wellness Center,  and we can help you with your wellness plan. We will discuss your health history, help you decide what kind of massage is right for you, if you need or want a home visit, what length of session you may need, and what to expect during your massage.  


Please note that in some cases, we may request that you get a doctor’s approval before receiving massage and may ask you to talk to your healthcare provider. This is only to provide you with the best possible care while in our hands.  

Linda is very well educated and proficient in what she does. She really helps and is great to deal with also!

Susan H.

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