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Infrared Sauna Blanket 


The Infrared Sauna Blanket increases the body's thermal energy, enhances relaxation, and promotes glowing skin. 

Far infrared rays may help improve circulation for a deep detoxifying sweat and allow your body to push out those heavy metals and increase your heart rate for a healthy glow.  

  • Glowing skin - Improved circulation helps bring out your inner glow.

  • Deep Relaxation - Grounding layers of crystal, charcoal, and clay promote a deeper state of rest.

  • Boosts Circulation - Heating the body increases heart rate and improves circulation.

  • Detoxifies - Increasing thermal heat supports the body’s natural detoxification process.

  • Burns Calories - Sweating in a sauna is like working out, without the workout.

  • Muscle Recovery - Infrared heat aids in post-workout muscle recovery.

Are you Ready to turn up the heat?


GET DRESSED - Wear comfortable, skin-covering clothing and socks. Prefer to keep your clothes off? Try our Towel Insert.

GET HOT – We will preheat the Sauna Blanket for 10 minutes. You can select a temperature level by turning the dial.

GET LIT - Slip into the Sauna Blanket and zip yourself in. Enjoy a euphoric 30- or 60-minute session.

Get the ultimate benefits by adding a Sauna session to your massage!

Linda Addario is very professional and knowledgeable in her skills. I had an awesome massage and feel great !

Joanne S.

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