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Here we go AGAIN!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We have been, and continue to be, grateful for you and your cooperation to our increased safety procedures in the last year. it's been a crazy year, with COVID information going from bad to good to moving back to bad, again.

While the vaccine has been distributed, the Delta variant is making our lives interesting. We don't know what our governing bodies will do regarding mask mandates or closing down businesses. As a small business, we need to be quick on our feet to keep up with changes in the time of COVID. The only thing we can do is make decisions for our business that focus on keeping you and our therapists as safe from this virus as possible.

Massage Therapy is now considered part of healthcare services by the state of New York, which means we are held to a higher standard than other industries. So, not only is it a personal mission, but it is required of us by the state. We ask that you continue to communicate with your therapist, letting us know before your visit if you are experiencing any cold/flu/loss of taste/smell/shortness of breath/sinus symptoms, texting us from the car when you arrive to your appointment, waiting until you know the office is clear, then wearing a mask for the duration of your appointment.

We will continue to disinfect to a level above and beyond typical sanitation. We will run our air purifier, disinfect all surfaces, and keep our communal spaces clear of people.

We know this increase in the number of COVID cases in our country is disappointing and a step in a stress-filled direction! Take care of yourself as much as possible! Eat nutritious food, move, stretch, breathe, get outside while we can, spend time with loved ones, even if it has to be virtual. Not only does this increase your mental health, it increases the effectiveness of your immune system response.

Speaking of mental health, it is not uncommon right now with isolation from relationships, interruptions of normal routines, weight gain, and substance misuse to effect our mental state. If you think you may have symptoms of depression, reach out to a health professional.

I have been stopped twice this week while I am out and about and people are asking about massage and how safe is it? My first thought is wow, people really are touch hungry. I respond to educate about how we are creating as safe of an environment as possible to offer bodywork, about safety procedure and the benefits of getting bodywork, ultimately they ask for a card. (Yay!)

Please know, the effects of massage have exponential affects that can greatly improve immune responses and the quality of life. During these extraordinary times the better you take care of you, the better you can show up for life.

Looking forward to seeing soon, masks and all!

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