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Prenatal Massage


A special blend of mother and baby safe oils designed to relax mind and body, while nourishing and conditioning the skin, elevate this pre-natal massage experience. 


This massage will help you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment, soothing some of the possible discomforts than can accompany pregnancy, such as water retention, headaches and neck tension, cramping, and of course stretch marks. 

 Mother and baby both will find peace and relaxation with this soothing massage.

Linda has the most intuitive gift of massage. She listens to your body: The muscles. The ligaments. She "finds" the source and treats the real problem. I have been coming to see her for years...always when I'm broken and in pain and each time she manages to get me moving again. You NEED to experience what it's like to be pain free again. Go see her!!

Crystal C.

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